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April 2014
Deciphering Food Labelling for Allergies

We all need to know what is really in our food, particularly in regard to ingredients that can cause harm and damage to our body.  Still, food labels and descriptions can be confusing and there can be hidden dangers.  This is proven by the fact that hospital admissions due to food allergies in the UK increased by 500% between 1990 and 2007 (Gupta 2007*).

To help make people more aware of food allergies, MenuAnalyser is offering a set of free downloadable guides on how to read a food label ( This is aimed at the catering sector and is available during Allergy Awareness Week (April 28-May 4, 2014).

The information gives helpful advice on food allergens including milk, gluten, lupin, eggs, sulphur dioxide, soya and sesame seeds. A complete list is available on the company’s website.

As well as raising awareness of ingredients that can adversely affect some people, MenuAnalyser gives advice on new legislation coming into force in December 2014.  This legislation involves detailing specific-known allergens in all foods on labels and menus to ensure a safer eating experience.

Teresa Dupay, Founder, MenuAnalyser said:
“Everyone is entitled to enjoy eating out without putting their lives at risk. It is my mission to empower customers to dine wherever they choose, whenever they choose”.

MenuAnalyser offers several services for catering concerns including nutritional analysis, costing, portion control, special dietary requirements and advice on government directives.

Allergy Awareness Week is organised by the Food Standards Agency, partnered by Allergy UK, The Anaphylaxis Campaign and Coeliac UK.


Greensleeves Care Home Praised for Steam Trains to Skype-ing

Thornbank Care Home in Ipswich, owned by Greensleeves Homes Trust, has been selected by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as a beacon ofexcellence in tackling health and mental wellbeing. 

NICE is publishing new Standards to helpaddress loneliness, depression and low self-esteem in older people. It filmed activities at Thornbank to show meaningful and uplifting activities that can be adopted to improve the quality and experience of care.

In a film to accompany the launch of the new standards, NICE shows residents at Thornbank hooking up with American friends in Washington DC. This activity has also been picked up by the 
media in the USA. Homes in New York and in Wales 
are also contacted in this way.

Lyn Andrews, Activities Co-ordinator, Thornbank, said:“Skype-ing is great as the residents talk with people they would never meet in everyday life, exchange ideas and keep up to date on what they have been doing.”

Skypeing is only part of the engaging and stimulating activities carried out by the dedicated team at Thornbank.  The home focuses on the needs and wishes of individuals to enable a positive impact on their sense of identity and to help to make them happy.

Ever wanted to drive a steam train?  Well resident Joyce did, so the home arranged for her to have a go along the track. Other incredible feats include a tour of the Houses of Parliament with local MP Ben Gummer, teaching a resident to drive, visits to the Speedway and arranging for a 94 year old to attend her first ever football match.

You are never too old to drive a train.  Joyce, a resident 
at Thornbank, Ipswich,part of the Greensleeves Homes Trust, 
gets ready to steam ahead.
Paul Newman, Chief Executive Officer,Greensleeves Homes Trust, said:“We are delighted that NICE selected Thornbank to highlight its new Standard and show what can be achieved to improve health and mental wellbeing in older people. “At Greensleeves we work tirelessly to ensure that our residents do not feel lonely or have low self-esteem.  I would like to thank all the team at Thornbank for their thoughtfulnessand for their great ability to raise people’s enjoyment of life.”

Thornbank was recommended to NICE by Stephen Goulder, Social Care Institute of Excellence, following a visit to the home’s open day in the summer.

Other activities throughout Greensleeves Homes include gardening, visits to swimming pools and their own version of the marathon – walking a mile, Zimmer frames at the ready!

27/02/14 tDCS Headset Wearable Technology Amps Up The Brain For Gamers

Wearable technology is a burgeoning market as proved by the plethora of goods at the latest CES Tradeshow in Las Vegas this January. Forbes having predicted “2014 Will Be The Year of Wearable Technology” and the battle for space on your body is underway, with a host of wearable inventions to measure and improve lifestyle.

With wristbands that can charge your phone on-the-go, smartwatches that display messages from your smart phone and Internet connected glasses, the possibilities for always being connected are endless.  However, most monitor and deliver information whereas one product, the headset, for gamers, is blazing a trail with wearable technology that improves mental skills. The headset amps up the brain, improves memory, vigilance and enables people to think faster.

Developed by entrepreneur Michael Oxley, the headset is the first wearable transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) technology on the market. Gamers are taking up the product in their droves, as it allows them to experience new levels of achievement.

The headset assists in kick-starting the 
brain, priming it to learn and retain information
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) uses a constant, low current, delivered directly to the brain area via small electrodes. Tests on healthy adults demonstrated that tDCS can increase cognitive performance in a variety of tasks, depending on the area of the brain being stimulated. tDCS has been utilised to enhance language and mathematical ability, attention span, problem solving, memory and coordination.

The futuristic headset rests neatly on the back of the head with four space-age electrode pads placed at the front.  Michael Oxley says: “The force of controlled electricity excites the brain’s neurons into firing faster, enabling gamers to respond quickly. It’s a smart piece of wearable technology that shows people that you are really serious about your game and in achieving the utmost concentration”.

The headset, available in red or black, is controlled manually by using a touch sensor or people can connect via Bluetooth 4.0 from a compatible mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.  It looks pretty revolutionary too and is available from foc.usfor £179.00 ($249.00).


Memories, Inclusion and Sensory Spaces at Innovative Care Home

St. Cross Grange Residential Care Home in Winchester, owned by Greensleeves Care Homes, has been completely refurbished with lovely areas to evoke memories and heighten sensory awareness.

The building has been increased in size with two new wings sympathetically built, including one accommodating people living with dementia.
St Cross Grange, owned by Greensleeves Homes Trust has 
furnishings specially sourced to be approximately 1950's designs. 
The lounge alsohas vinyl discs on the wall and an
 old gramophone to spark memories of this era.

The refurbishment allows for lots of separate quiet areas to sit, watch or become involved.  Included is a ‘memory’ walkway,a bright circular trailinside the home with stimulating memory boxes and different themed areas.

These include a 1950’s style lounge, a bistro, arelaxation area that extends into the garden, and yet a further space for when people want more tranquillity.  Kitchenettes encourage residents to cook, have fun and be more active.

A lovely local touch is the inclusion of a mural of a Winchester Street, circa 1940s, painted by artists from the Bolton Art Group, Basingstoke

Teri Packer, Home Manager, St Cross Grange said:

“We are delighted with the refurbishment of our new home and excited at how uplifting and stimulating this will be for the people who live and work here.”

Special attention has been given to the provision of light with extensive glazing throughout and with bespoke artificial lighting systems to provide increased light levels within the building.

The home is breath of fresh air for its residents with safe sensory exterior courtyards, and easy access to outside areas including on the upper floor a garden terrace.

The new refurbishment was officially launched by the Mayor of Winchester, Cllr Ernie Jeffs on 7 November 2013.  This was followed by the cutting of celebratory cakes by Brin Brindley aged 106, the home’s oldest resident, assisted by Tom Hunt a former soldier who was stationed at St Cross during the second war world.   Some famous local faces also popped by including former members of the Southampton Football Club.


Thousands to Enjoy New Levels of Gaming Achievement at Christmas

Computer games are top of the wish list for a considerable amount of the population this Christmas.  Some take the game so seriously, they will aid their concentration with a new space-age headset delivering electronic currents to the brain.

The headset assists in kick-starting the brain, 
priming it to learn and retain information
The British company is enabling gamers to experience new levels of achievement with a futuristic stimulation headset containing electrodes that deliver constant low currents to the brain.This is the first transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) headset to be manufactured at a price accessible to general consumers.

The first batch of headsets was made available in July and sold out within 60 days. The second issue of stock is to be launched today Thursday 12 December 2013.

Michael Oxley, founder said:

“All those gamers are looking for an edge. They need a strong memory,high vigilance and
concentration.  We built to give them an easy, affordable way to apply tDCS, to electrically stimulate the brain so that they can be
 faster, act quicker and score higher.”

The headset assists in kick-starting the brain, priming it to learn and retain information.  It can be controlled manually using a touch sensor or people can connect via Bluetooth 4.0 from a compatible mobile device, such as an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.  It looks pretty revolutionary too and is available from the website for £179.00($249.00).

Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) uses a constant, low current delivered directly to the brain area via small electrodes. Tests on healthy adults demonstrated that tDCS can increase cognitive performance on a variety of tasks, depending on the area of the brain being stimulated. tDCS has been utilised to enhance language and mathematical ability, attention span, problem solving, memory and coordination.

The fast-growing gaming market attracts over 1.21 billion people worldwide and this is set to rise to 1.55 billion this year, with mobile gaming growing at an average annual rate of 19% for smartphones and 48% for tablets. 


Major Award for Memory Garden at Kingston House Care Home

Kingston House Residential Care Home, owned by Greensleeves Homes Trust, has received a Silver Gilt New Homes Garden Award for a unique Memory Garden specially designed for residents with dementia.

Stocked full of delightful flowers and scents The Memory Garden at Kingston House, Calne, Wiltshire also includes an aviary and has access for wheelchairs.  It was built following the home’s recent full refurbishment which involved the creation of a 25-bed dementia unit.

Philip, a resident at Kingston House 
Care Home, Calne, Wiltshire 
enjoying the award winning 
Memory Garden.
Carol Grainger, Manager, Kingston House said:

“Staff and residents are elated to receive this Award.  The garden is uplifting and wonderful for morale and wellbeing.”

Landscape Designers’ Tim Lynch Associates carried out the design of the garden which had to include a conservatory and be a safe place for residents.  Within secure boundaries, the Memory Garden includes a host of colourful fragrant climbers, a Tranquillity Garden, a water feature and cherry and pear trees.  There are handrails throughout.  Pleasing sculptures and seating are situated within the garden and along with the aviary there are bird boxes to encourage wildlife.

The beautiful award-winning Memory 
Garden at Kingston House Care 
Home, Calne, Wiltshire, specially 
designed for residents 
with dementia.
Residents are encouraged to help with the gardening and do use the garden to the full, enjoying the conservatory, walking along the paths and seeing the aviary. To ensure the garden is just like home there is also a washing line!

Tim Lynch, Tim Lynch Associates said:

“This award shows only too clearly the success of the garden and the commitment made by the staff and the Manager, Carol Grainger. It was her drive and commitment that made this garden the success it is today and confirms the importance of such gardens, irrespective of size or budget”. 

The project benefitted from the keen eye and attention to detail of the landscape contractor Johnstone Landscapes to ensure the long term success and minimum maintenance on all the hard landscape details. 


HRH The Earl of Wessex Visits Pelsall Hall Residential Home

Residents at Pelsall Hall, owned by Greensleeves Homes Trust, regularly open their doors to a host of cherished guests from children, authors and even unusual pets but none has been so esteemed as those on Friday 18 October 2013.

HRH The Earl of Wessex popped in for tea, alongside the Mayor and Mayoress of Walsall, Cllr Mohammed Nazir and Riaz Begum Nazir.   Visiting in the area, HRH couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet with residents and see Pelsall Hall, which has recently been extensively redeveloped and extended at a cost of several million pounds.  The development includes a request from residents for a beautiful woodland garden.

Resident, Iris Ordidge, aged 90, who regularly helps with serving teas at the Hall said: “We understand that His Royal Highness takes honey in his tea, so we sourced a local variety for him.  Of course we served it in a china cup – he is Royalty after all!”

Pelsall Hall resident met with HRH The Earl of Wessex 
at his recent visit to the residential care home in 
Walsall owned by Greensleeves Homes Trust.
Whilst there, HRH saw activities such as felt-making and flower-arranging and 94 year old Dennis Mountford presented him with a copy of the book The Charles Family and Pelsall Hall which was written by local historian Annita Bates.  Mr. Mountford said: “As I am a Normandy Veteran, it is an honour to wear my medals and to represent the residents in saying thank you for taking the time to visit us.” 

As part of its commitment to person-centred care, Pelsall Hall is a Registered Eden Alternative home. This scheme supports residents to take an active role in home life with contact with animals, children and plants and to banish loneliness, helplessness and boredom. In connection with this, Pelsall Hall often arranges open days with local children in fun schemes such as making kites and helping to develop the home’s wildlife area, within the new woodland gardens, by building animal and insect habitats.

Steve Brookes, Pelsall Hall Manager, said: “There has been a real buzz of excitement for residents and staff ever since hearing the news of His Royal Highness’ visit. This is the first time Greensleeves Homes Trust has welcomed a Royal visitor to one of its homes since 1990 when HRH The Earl of Wessex’s Grandmother, the late Queen Mother opened Queen Elizabeth House in Bromley, Kent.

“2013 has been a fantastic year for Pelsall Hall.  We received Walsall Council’s continued support for our vision for the new garden area to the tune of a £10,000 grant.  There was a £10,000 successful lottery bid to bring artists to the Hall to provide Art and Craft Workshops and we also worked closely with young people from the Princes Trust.  And now the Royal visit!  This finishes the year off nicely!”


Broadlands Care Home wins UK Residential Care Provider of the Year

Celebrations are in abundance at Broadlands Residential Care Home at Oulton Broad, Suffolk, part of the Greensleeves Homes Trust.  Its dedicated team has achieved UK Residential Care Provider of the Year, awarded by community care market intelligence experts Laing & Buisson.
Staff at Broadlands, part of Greensleeves Homes Trust, 
proudly display their UK Residential Care Provider of the Year 
and Gold Standards Framework Awards.

The coveted award adds to a host of other accolades received by the highly-regarded care home. It follows hot on the heels of Broadlands and sister Greensleeves Home’ Harleston House, Lowestoff, both being given Gold Standards Framework Awards for the quality of care they give to older people.

Anne Maas, Home Manager, Broadlands Residential Care Home said:

 “We are a great big family here at Broadlands and both staff and residents are delighted with this award.   I am so pleased that the Broadlands’ team has been recognised for all their commitment and great quality care for older people. Our aim is to enable our residents to live as fulfilling lives as they can in comfort and safety”. 

The UK Residential Care Provider award was given at a glittering ceremony in London recently.  The Judges included some of the most eminent experts from the Royal College of Nursing and the Department of Health with Broadlands outshining care homes across the UK.   


The Amazing Floating Air Lamp

Looking for something a bit different for your pad?  Well the Air Lamp not only lights up, it floats in mid-air, so as well as being functional it is a great talking point (not to mention a bit of a boy’s toy too).

The Air Lamp is way beyond cool. It contains a patented system of top-end electronics that produces an electro-magnetically repulsive column above the centre of the lamp base, supporting the shade against the force of gravity.  If that’s not enough, the electronics have been programmed to make the shade gently rotate, so that light, colour and movement are all achieved from just one lamp. 

The other good news is that the lamp has energy-saving LED lighting and is very versatile as it can be used as both an up and a down-lighter.  The upper and lower lights can also be operated independently or both together to give you exactly the level and type of lighting you need.  The power consumption is around 11w with the lights on and 3w without.

The Luxa Air Lamp - way beyond cool. 
The shades are mounted on a small magnetic disc which can carry weights of up to 100g, which adds a lot of fun.  This means that when the shade isn’t being used other objects can be rotated in mid-air – messages, little presents, reminders etc., so is really great for displaying all sorts of lightweight items.  The possibilities are endless but the main reason for the lamp is to have an enchanting light source in your home.

The Air Lamp is currently available with white, red or silver lampshades and with silver metal or red lacquered stand and can be obtained from at a cost of £92.50 each.


‘Songs and Scones’ Brings the Elderly Together in Ryedale

Older people throughout Ryedale are being brought together to enjoy monthly concerts, tea and conversation, with musicians from the renowned Live Music Now Charity (LMN).

LMN created the Songs and Scones programme to share the uplifting benefits of high quality live music concerts with older people in the community.  The next event takes place on Tuesday 13 August at Amotherby Village Hall.  

Older people are particularly vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness owing to loss of friends and family, mobility or income.  They may face difficulties in communicating, cut off from the joy and pleasures of participating and sharing with others. 

Ryedale District Council is supporting the concert series; “This is particularly relevant to Ryedale, as our population includes a large proportion of older residents, some of whom experience loneliness and some of whom have health problems” said Julian Rudd, Head of Economy and Infrastructure.  “Songs and Scones brings people together, away from the potential isolation of their own home, and into a musical environment which is warm, stimulating and joyful.”

The musicians, who are specially trained by Live Music Now to work within local communities, are recognised as amongst the most talented emerging performers in the UK.  Singer, Chloe Saywell and pianist, Stephenie Leung shared a wide ranging repertoire, with something for everyone.  They invite people to sing along and dance as well. 

More than anything else, Songs & Scones is a fun event.
“An added bonus is that this is a community event in all ways” said Live Music Now North East Director, Lucy Galliard. “The catering is provided by the Camphill Trust, who support adults with learning disabilities, and the wonderful team of local volunteers from Ryedale Carers Support and Ryedale Community Transport are collecting participants from their homes to bring them to the concert – which is held in a welcoming village hall.” 

Ryedale Carers Support works with older people and their carers in a very rural area of North Yorkshire.  “More than anything else, ‘Songs and Scones’ is a fun event, the free transport enables isolated people to participate,” said the organisation’s Claire Hall. “We hope that over the forthcoming year friendships will be forged and experiences shared. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Live Music Now.”

Funding has been secured to provide monthly Songs and Scones events at Amotherby Village Hall on the second Tuesday of each month to January 2014.  The Live Music Now charity is seeking further support to continue this valuable activity.


Music Charity celebrates 35 years in the heart of the Community

The Live Music Now (LMN) charity founded by violinist Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker is celebrating 35 years as the leading musician development and outreach organisation in the UK.

Alongside a host of projects and events, the organisation is holding a 35th Anniversary concert at Kings Place, London on 29 May 2013, with performances by both contemporary and former musicians on the LMN scheme.  As this is a coral anniversary, the theme is around the sea and song.

Ian Stoutzker, Founder-Chairman, Live Music Now said: 

“My friend and co-founder of LMN, Yehudi Menuhin, would feel immensely proud of all the organisation has achieved. From a single performance over 35 years ago, Live Music Now has influenced the careers of thousands of young professional musicians and has become an integral part of the UK’s musical life." 

LMN has been training musicians to work in the community for over 35 years.
LMN employs the finest musicians at the start of their professional careers and trains them to use their talents for the benefit of those who are otherwise excluded from the joy of experiencing live music. 

Over the last three decades, the charity has reached over 2 million people, with over 50,000 participatory performances for older people, those with disabilities, and children and young people with special needs.

The Anniversary concert will be presented by Tim Rhys Evans, LMN Alumnus and Conductor of Only Men Aloud, winners of the BBC Last Choir Standing. LMN Musicians include Hannah Stone, official Harpist to HRH The Prince of Wales, Soprano Daniela Lehner, a BBC New Generation Artist and Guitarist Morgan Szymanski, a finalist in the Outstanding Young Artists Award, whose travel to the UK for the concert is funded by the Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts. 

There will be a special performance by Three Jazz of “The Seahorse and the Sailor”, a suite of original compositions devised especially for the 35th Anniversary and inspired by the unpredictable nature of the sea.


Live Music Now Appeal to Transform Lives

The charity Live Music Now (LMN), established 35 years ago by legendary violinist Yehudi Menuhin, is launching an individual giving campaign to help fund its work with older people. Part of this project is a BBC appeal presented by the actor and writer, Simon Callow on 28 July 2013.

Simon Callow said: 

The BBC appeal was a huge success.
“Live Music Now makes a real difference to people’s lives - to those living with dementia, to their carers and their families. Its approach is warmly human, and the regular music sessions can open up channels of communication when all hope of response seems lost. 

“People who seem not to connect respond wonderfully to live music and the brilliantly talented musicians who perform it, and this often profoundly improves the quality of their lives.”

Older people who have participated in LMN sessions report improvements in life such as reduction in depression, being happier and feeling less isolated.

Daire Halpin, a LMN musician working for five years on the scheme, said:  

"Live Music Now concerts are extremely effective, transforming the atmosphere and inspiring people to share stories and memories. Music has the power to draw people out of themselves, to remind them of all the joy there is in life and how this doesn't need to stop just because you're living in a care home."

To give funds, please visit: . Alternatively, cheques can be sent to Live Music Now,  Music Base, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG made payable to Live Music Now. 

LMN has recently been awarded an Arts Council England Catalyst Grant, enabling it to match any new donations received between January 2012 and March 2015.


Burger Boon Restaurant Lights Up

The UK Burger boon is showing no signs of abating.  In the past year alone, the burger has evolved from a simple grab and go snack into somewhat of an icon amongst international foodies with variations galore, served in designer settings.  

Two famous American chains have just reached London but beating them at their own game, is UK company SLABS, voted one of London’s Hottest new burger joints by renowned website ZAGAT.

Tempting burgers include Wagyu beef with roasted shitake mushrooms, and one made with lobster tail and soft-shell crab.  Matching the quality of the food, in this latest restaurant from Steve Christou of Michelin-starred Les Alouettes fame, is the New York type warehouse design with its comfortable lighting and interiors.  There is a balance of urban and luxury chic. Design elements include exposed brick, distressed tiles and slate cladding, alongside inspiring touches with the lighting. 

Working with interior design team 1.61 London, lighting innovation brand LEDtec has provided bespoke energy-saving lighting produced with the latest technology.  The LEDtec lamps are dimmable and cool to the touch, ensuring a comfortable, calm atmosphere. 

The lighting tones in well with the contemporary style of the place. Bare bulbs are suspended on coarse ropes above the bar area and specially adjusted lamps, usually used in warehousing, hang from the ceiling in the main upper and lower restaurants. LEDtec also supplied all the ceiling spotlights and bar lighting as well as the lights for the kitchen and conveniences.

SLABS owner Steve Christou said: 

“Lighting is a major part of the restaurant’s ambience.  LEDtec calculated this to be exactly right.  LED lights also show the true colour of our fresh, organic produce.”

LED technology gives a reduction of around 85% on energy compared to other lighting and also saves on costs and maintenance.  No matter how busy the restaurant gets it will remain a comfortable place for visitors and staff alike.  Added to the environmental, financial and people benefits, modern LED lighting has also come of age in the design stakes.

Illuminating delicious burgers.
George Leonidou, Director, LEDtec (UK) Ltd. said:

“Dimmable, colour controlled LED lighting is perfect for modern interiors.   With new technologies and designs, LED lights can also add to the whole brand philosophy of contemporary spaces.”

SLABS comfortable design and lighting matched with juicy burgers and special daily dishes is set to make it a winner in the current burger wars.


Peldon Rose Wins Three International Property Awards

Leading workplace consultant Peldon Rose has received three prestigious International Property Awards for its Save the Children International and aia worldwide projects.

This takes the total of International Property Awards to eight for Peldon Rose, having been recognised for excellent workplace design for three years in a row. The company received Best Office Interior UK and Five Star Award - Office Interior, for Save the Children International, plus Highly Commended Office Interior, London, for digital agency aia worldwide.

Jitesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer, Peldon Rose Workplace Consultants, said:

"We are honoured to accept these accolades for our work and I would like to thank my team and our clients for placing such trust in us.  It is important to understand the business, the people and the monetary requirements of an organisation when designing workplaces.  Both projects are cost-effective, efficient and a real boost to staff morale.  It proves that keeping costs down doesn't mean scrimping on good design".  

The International Property Awards are world-renowned and intended to celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of property and real estate.

Stuart Shield, President, International Property Awards, said: 

"The quality of entries has been extremely high and there's no doubt that any company which has won an award has shown exceptional levels of professionalism and competence".

Save the Children International office, London.
Achieved on a tight budget, Peldon Rose undertook the design and build of a new global centre for Save the Children International (SCI) as part of the organisation's worldwide transformation, intended ultimately to save more children's lives.

Additionally, in order to attract top talent against other better paying commercial sectors, SCI needed to provide an engaging workplace that would boost staff satisfaction. Also SCI wanting to ensure that the offices clearly demonstrated value for money and diverted the minimum of funds from its work with young people. 

As an innovative organisation, leading digital brand authority, aia worldwide needed collaborative ways of working, backed up by the technology to support it. Much of the design emphasis is put into the meeting and breakout areas. This meant there was a choice of areas to work from: desks which could be scaled up or down according to the number of people who used them, numerous break-out and soft-seating areas and plenty of meeting rooms.